Macintosh dating site

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At this stage in your life, you’re proud of your achievements and value the lessons you have learned along the way.

Each of your past relationships taught you something special about yourself and others.

Ever since Steve Jobs lashed out at Adobe and the company announced it would be shutting down Lala, they (and by that we, like all other media types, also mean “we”) are practically a persecuted minority.

Enter Cupidtino, the brand-new online portal for design-minded geeks who are better than everyone else. ” “I like my men like I like my Mac Books: smooth, white, and easy to carry around.” “My i Pod’s a shuffle, but it’s no nano.” “Your ex-boyfriend was a Mac Book.

However, Mac is the person who created the test in the first place, making it possible for the "sex crazed 09ers" to access other people's purity tests.

Veronica has no resentment towards Mac for this, only caring about those that took tests for others.

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While digging for dirt on Mac's parents, Veronica discovers that Mac was switched at birth with Madison Sinclair.

New Mac notebooks are likely to be unveiled, and there's apparently a 70 percent chance we'll see the much-rumored 10.5-inch i Pad Pro and a 50 percent chance Apple will use the event to introduce its Siri speaker, designed to compete with the Amazon Echo.

Check out the video and list below for an extensive overview of what we expect to see introduced at the event.

We’re so inspired by it that we’ve brainstormed 25 pickup lines to use on the Mac lover of your dreams. Time to upgrade to a Mac Book Pro.” “Renounce Adobe forever and I’ll Flash you.” “I have designs on your graphics.” “Forget phone sex. ” “If the way you make me feel were an i Phone app, it would get banned from the store.” “Girl, you’re more precious than a 3G i Pad on April 30.” “You got me more excited than an Apple geek at Macworld.” “Is your daddy Steve Jobs?

‘Cause your case is lookin’ finer than a new Mac Book Pro’s.” “Can I buy you a drink at the Genius Bar?

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