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Guests here have included tabloid-friendly couples such as Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton, as well as Michael Douglas and his wife Catherine Zeta Jones (who use the hotel's £6,984-a-night Princely Suite as a bolt hole).But beyond the snap of camera shutters, this secluded spot on the north-east side of Mauritius is as peaceful as can be.

However 2 billion-year-old samples of the mineral zircon have been collected on the island's beaches.The good news is, it's at last been found, lying below the waters of the Indian Ocean, beneath the tiny, 790 sq. The moon is dotted by many such "mascons" — or mass concentrations — the remains of heavy metal meteorites that long ago crashed onto the surface and buried themselves where they hit.The Earth has a few too, but it is typically plate tectonics — the constant movement and reformation of the crust — that is responsible.If Mauritius sits atop a mascon, it was likely a result of crustal motion that caused an existing landmass to shatter and sink entirely from view.The island then rose back up to mark the burial site of the lost land like a giant tombstone.

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