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was arrested in a high-risk takedown six years after Terry Marriott Jr.'s murder, the accused asked police who he allegedly killed, two Halifax Regional Police officers told a jury Wednesday.

"They had [Melvin] up against another vehicle and he looked over at me and said, 'Bernie, who did I kill?

“I came to RCI after being certified by another coach training program.

I had a great interest in relationships personally and professionally, and even worked with an RCI-trained coach.

RCI is a reliable, responsible, and solid organization that has greatly supported my development as a coach.” ~ Patricia Sidman, MBA, CPCC“I just want you to know I am sooooooo excited about this program!!!

' and I said, 'Terry Marriott,'" testified Bernard Boutilier, a retired detective constable. on July 18, 2015 outside a convenience store along the Bedford Highway after he pulled up in a small black car. The 13-member jury heard Wednesday that Melvin was arrested in a so-called vehicle assault.

He is on trial for first-degree murder in Nova Scotia Supreme Court, accused of shooting Marriott to death while he napped on a couch in a Harrietsfield, N. "You just try to pin the vehicle in, you try to make it so there's no opportunity for them to come up with a plan to escape," testified Const. He said multiple plainclothes officers with their guns drawn surrounded Melvin's car and yelled at him to show his hands and open the door.

co-host, 47, is reportedly dating Johnny Gill, New Direction‘s sexy lead singer, 48.

They’ve been keeping their alleged new relationship on the down-low, though, as Sherri is still legally married to her estranged husband, Lamar Sally.

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