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Direct funding grants from the European Commission or its executive agencies for projects with specific objectives (environment, research, training, etc.).

Indirect funding from national and local intermediaries.

Detailed criteria for eligibility are specified in the call for proposals.

Calls for proposals are generally published on the Internet site of the responsible Commission Directorate‑General or executive agency.

My expectations are that in the case of an error the message would be printed to the client's console, but instead it prints: "POST returned a response status of 409." I have tried various things (including head scratching) and have been unsuccessful in finding out why it doesn't work as it should. But what I have noticed (which I didn't before) is that the error returned when I use the two-argument method is: "client.

The Web Application Exception is supposed to be used in Jersey to allow you to send more meaningful errors to the client, rather than just sending a 500 status error which would be meaningless.

Projects should have a transnational character, be well thought out and offer added value.The final programme was broadcast on 26 August 2007, from until on BBC Two.Primarily a children's magazine programme featuring celebrity guests, Smile also encouraged audience participation through competitions and to leave feedback, offer suggestions, or ask community-related questions.Do not post product-related questions in the feedback space; instead, navigate to or search for an appropriate product community to post them in.

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