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[Past coverage: Mongolian students in Northern Virginia expat community] The woman then introduced the victims to a man, who said he worked at a phone store at the mall, according to the search warrant.He told the victims that he would take them and the other Mongolian woman to the house for the job.They live in family groups in small burrows dug into soft soil.Gerbils build burrows near a plant to take advantage of the support of the plant's roots (Agren et al. Mongolian jird body length averages 120 mm long, tail length may range up to 120 mm.These vast rangelands meet all the requirements of a traditional, nomadic animal production.Management of the grasslands provides an opportunity to produce large quantities of valuable livestock products with minimal inputs from five different kinds of stock.Some 35 percent of the residents of Ulaanbaatar and 90 percent of the people who live outside the capital live in gers. It is possible to traverse the entire length of the country and not encounter a single man made objects.

Large expanses of grasslands cover around 80 percent of the total territory of the country and contain a wealth of different plants.

The major part of the country is hilly or mountainous, reaching altitudes of 1 500 - 4 000 m in the high mountainous areas.

The climate is extreme, with temperatures in winter, the longest season, at around -20C.

Mongolian gerbils, or Mongolian jirds, occur naturally in the highlands of Inner Mongolia.

They are also found in adjacent parts of southern Siberia and northern China, including Sinkiang and Manchuria provinces.

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