Mpd and dating

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I have been dating a girl with DID for two years- i broke it off with her a few ...Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.It wasn't until a year of dating (a hard year) that I found out that she had MPD. He has cheated on me multiple of times and everything else. But yea, this is an introduction to my complex life. Listen if you ever have any questions from the point of view of the partner with MPD/DID I am here.

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Sometimes you get a piece of hardware that’s so cool you can’t help but fix it back up. Already suffering from a glut of audio equipment in his personal space, he decided to sweeten the deal by adding support for his library of music. The controlling software behind the installation is the venerable mpd.

One weekend he had come over and we watched movies. He pulled out some pamphlets and told me to read them. He explained to me that he has 5 personalities, himself, a woman, a violent personality and two others. He assured me that only his true personality was with me all the time. I took the chicken way out and emailed him that night telling him that I could no longer see him. I dont know what to say......because what if someone in her was 10....if he wanted her too... Too boot, she is my friend and he asked me for advice! My ex wife had that but I it didn't surface till after we were married. In fact it is easier in some ways, the signals belonging to identifiable patterns. The changes can be swift and leave you off balanace. The way I found out was we emailed for months and he'd always sign with his name, and then one day I got this email from "someone else" referring to things we had talked about and then a half hour later he called me. I thought he was telling someone things about me and they had emailed me on their own. He'd burst into a conversation to tell me I was causing trouble and making the host worse off, and I got scared thinking maybe I should leave this person alone, the angry one told me I should, but little by little I got him to trust me until he literally "went away" as the host called it. The host's mother had just passed away and the little boy was heartbroken, and I can't tell you how much it ripped me up trying to comfort him, especially when I had a young son of my own and could visualize how that would feel if he had no mother all the sudden.

My story is so long that it's kind of hard to put the pieces together. I met my love in the 6th grade; we hated eachother lol.

I would date someone with mpd and I have a couple of friends who have it.

wonder if some people are afraid of it---I can bet it takes alot of work.....would you sleep with one of the multiples and not actual tell the host you did....?

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