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In that respect, trying to enter the market with a new one is like battling giants. On the other hand posing like one is a totally different business.Especially when the phrase "not on par" is huge understatement.Here are your choices for help with MXit: 1) – This page has phone information, set up settings, MXit free download and more.

Even the network providers get inandated with calls for help with MXit! There is a great guy, Glenn, who is just waiting to help you!

MXit was the answer for 30 percent of respondents - far more popular than watching TV, talking with family and friends, reading and - not surprisingly - homework.

UNICEF South Africa Communications Officer Kate Pawelczyk says it is important to understand just how the growth of social media is impacting our children.

Co-founder of Appceptional, David Vannucci, says the team expected a manageable, organic growth of new users when the app was launched earlier this year.

“Within 48 hours our external Web traffic spiked so aggressively that we thought something must be broken.”Vannucci says the sudden growth spike Mobiraba experienced and the ability to manage infrastructure despite it, “is testament to the power of the cloud”.

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