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Collectively We Can and Are Making a Difference FOR ALL, Please feel free to pass these Weekly Legislative Updates on to your group of Veteran Friends – don’t be concerned with possible duplications – if your friends are as concerned as we are with Veteran issues, they probably won’t mind getting this from two or more friendly sources Issue 1.

TELL CONGRESS TO SUPPORT TROOPS May 15, 2015 Senate lawmakers completed their draft of the FY16 defense bill; unfortunately, several administration-proposed cuts to military compensation and benefits are included.

Neither the House nor Senate bill addresses sequestration, which sets unrealistic budget caps on defense planners.

To circumvent the arbitrary budget ceilings, both chambers use Do D’s emergency war accounts to fund baseline operations.

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An hour went by with me feverishly writing notes about all the different things and ways she saved money, the resources she used and the math behind the deals. I walked out with my head spinning and I was dizzy. I bought cheese and cereal and peanut butter and bread and soup and I still had money left after stockpiling for my family of 7.

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