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Businessballs is a little quirky - and that can make it fun for discovering new things, besides getting more detail about things we already know.

The earliest cavemen needed to know if others were friends or a threat, and reading their non-verbal cues quickly helped them decide. This often means masking our true feelings and intentions.

The good news is – she doesn’t know any of these things about you either.

So it is up to you to present yourself in the light that you want to be seen in… and to put the relationship in the context of your choice.

Strong self-confidence to me is the faith I can handle what’s ahead.

That faith comes from many sources like my faith in Christ, body language, speech patterns, and ways of thinking you’re about to discover. You wonder what the person who got the job has that you don’t – perhaps they interviewed better than you, they had more experience, or perhaps you did something horribly wrong. “I never really wanted that job, anyway.” Or you mind find yourself feeling depressed and de-motivated…if you can’t even get a job you pour your heart into, what hope is there for your future?

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