Non sedating ssris

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Daily dosages of XADAGO above 100 mg have not been shown to provide additional benefit, and higher dosages increase the risk for adverse reactions.

XADAGO has been shown to be effective only in combination with levodopa/carbidopa [see Indications and Usage (1)].

Individuals with anxiety disorder not otherwise specified (AD NOS) also present with clinically significant symptoms, but they tend to report less worry, negative affect, depression, and comorbidity than those with GAD.

The well-known side effects of benzodiazepines include drowsiness, fatigue, confusion and disorientation, dizziness, decreased concentration, impaired memory, dry mouth, and blurred vision.

2.2 In patients with moderate hepatic impairment (Child-Pugh B: 7-9), the maximum recommended dosage of XADAGO is 50 mg once daily.

XADAGO is contraindicated in patients with severe hepatic impairment (Child-Pugh C: 10-15) [see Use in Specific Populations (8.6) and Clinical Pharmacology (12.3)].

The infant almost invariably receives no benefit from this form of exposure and is considered to be an 'innocent bystander'.

Drug transfer from maternal plasma to milk is, with rare exceptions, by passive diffusion across biological membranes.

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XADAGO 100 mg should be tapered by decreasing the dose to 50 mg for one week before stopping [see Warnings and Precautions (5.7)].Factors such as the dose received via breast milk, and the pharmacokinetics and effect of the drug in the infant need to be taken into consideration.Problems should not be overstated however, as many drugs are considered 'safe' during breastfeeding.Lavender flower and its extracts have been used, both internally and by olfaction, for centuries as a treatment for anxiety and depression.Modern analytical research has identified the main active constituents of the oil; in vitro and animal studies have begun to elucidate mechanisms of action; and controlled clinical trials in humans now document lavender’s efficacy, safety, and dose.

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