Non smoker dating

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The first time I smoked a cigarette, I was about 14 years old and felt instantly transformed. Yes, it tasted like hell the first few times, but I didn't start smoking for .

I started smoking so I had a reason to approach the cool kids at the parties.

Now that 23 states and DC have legalized weed, 4 of them for recreational use as well as medical, the debate about whether it enhances – or ruins – sex and relationships is raging hotter than ever. The Productive Pothead"My boyfriend and I both smoke weed, and that's just a part of our lives.

Here, eight readers light up the highs and lows of dating in the stoned age.

From the time I was a 13-year-old girl, I knew I was destined to become a smoker.

I was one of those little girls who blissfully gazed at pictures of a waiflike Kate Moss blowing cigarette smoke into the static air from the glossy pages of a fashion magazine.

I started smoking to be viewed as intimidating and fashionable by the high school populous.

I will never forget the moment I caught an image of her looking fiercer than ever: She was knee-deep in mud at The Glastonbury Musical Festival in 2005, clad in the tiniest cut-off shorts imaginable, which she had paired with classic Hunter rain boots, clutching a (now extinct) disposable camera, looking like the very definition of BADASS CHIC.He would always complain how hard it was to hold me while we were sleeping because at the end of the day, my hair always smelled like cigarettes unless I took a shower right before bed.This was frustrating, as sometimes I would come home exhausted and didn't feel like doing so until the next morning, so we would wind up simply not cuddling that night, which both of us genuinely loved doing.I dutifully willed the universe to What was it about that little gamine Brit drenched in dirt that made her look so fierce to my impressionable adolescent eyes?Oh, the cigarette pressed between her long, lithe fingers, naturally. I went from being an unsure, insecure, teenage girl to a sophisticated, jaded, tough chick with a PAST within one lone puff of a cigarette.

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