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While the service life of an as-designed rail system in a laboratory or other well-defined environment is generally known, the wear rates of manufactured systems at the upper and lower limits of specified clearance, and under varied vibrational loads in arbitrary environments has not been well established.

By leveraging multibody vibrational simulation and mathematical wear models, a given rail system has been assessed for its robustness to a variety of parameters.

The electrical power requirement for advanced payloads is also increasing, which adds weight to the air vehicle.

CPI has developed a number of first-principle physics models for radiation propagation through or generated by the atmosphere, including those for the lower atmosphere for target signature modeling and scene generation, and for the upper atmosphere for space weather applications.

This software includes community standards such as the MOSART, TERTEM, AURIC, and B3C models which are used by Government and industrial researchers and analysts, as well as development and use of ionospheric models.

CPI's auroral model (Boltzmann 3-Constituent, or B3C) has been used extensively by CPI scientists and others within the auroral community to investigate emission and ionization characteristics in theoretical studies, data analyses, and development of remote sensing algorithms.

Pure electron, pure proton/H atom, and mixed electron/proton/H atom aurora may be addressed by the model. (1997), Analytical representation of g factors for rapid, accurate calculation of excitation rates in the dayside thermosphere, J.

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