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Take your sound with you anywhere with Peavey Mini Heads.

When Peavey initially began producing the Wolfgang guitar in late 1996 (most were produced in 1997) it only came in the Standard model (the Special had not been introduced) and it was available in six colors.

I am open to other descriptions but this is the best way I can think of to state the difference.

The neck on the Music Man is slightly smaller being 1-9/16" at the nut and the Wolfgang 1-5/8". I also find the Wolfgang much more comfortable to play, which is surprising considering how similar the guitars are.

However, there are too many production model Wolfgangs produced for them to become highly collectable (except for the first year quilt top), in my humble opinion - of course!

The quality of the tops on the Music Man EVH guitars are fantastic making them some of the most beautiful guitars ever produced for this type of guitar.

The used tubes are, as indicated in the amp: Two 6CA7s (replaceable by EL34s) and three 12AX7As (also called 7025s or ECC83s); plate voltages have always been a question on these units, but I think this may be largely because of confusion with the YBA-1A models that run VERY high plate voltages; most of the YBA-1 models probably come in somewhere /-450 volts (one has reported 425 volts on plate, another one ca.Based on my extensive experience with both I don't think the quality of the overall guitar is nearly as good as the Wolfgang. The quality of the tops was very consistent throughout the production life of this guitar and there the EVH Music Man is far superior.There are also quite a few beautiful colors to choose from.People often refer to the Sunburst as "Tobacco Burst", but to the best of my knowledge Peavey did not make a color with this name.There is just the one sunburst color that can look very different in photographs based on the lighting.

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