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Viewing times at Polar Frontier will be expanded as she grows bigger and stronger.

Check out other Columbus Zoo babies In captivity, the survival rate for polar bear cubs in the first weeks after birth is about 50 percent.

A female polar bear spends nights perched outside the station's windows, making it dangerous for the scientists to exit.

Five hungry polar bears circled a Russian weather station on Vaygach island in Russia's far north, preventing its staff from taking sea readings. Yesterday we came out and a bear was near the house.

I'm deducting who exactly is to blame for the murder. Margery: Did I read that Santa was impaled by icicles? Landry: Margery, you're trying to get me to give you clues and answers to the show, and I'm just not going to.

Just know—I'm playing Shirley Holmes and quite well, I might add. You'd think that they would melt on contact with Santa's skin...

(((Echo))) Parentheses When used around someone's name, a means of indicating that they are Jewish.

The "echoes" are a reference to some old gobbledygook about Jews "echoing through history," but the parentheses are a handy tool on Twitter for anti-Semites to signal to one another when someone they dislike is Jewish.

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