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The critical path method is a step-by-step project management technique to identify activities on the critical path.

It is an approach to project scheduling that breaks the project into several work tasks, displays them in a flow chart, and then calculates the project duration based on estimated durations for each task.

BMJ Open 2016;6:e012799 The following translations of the original STARD guideline published in 2003 are available: Chinese; Dutch; French; Italian; German; Spanish. Specialised STARDdem: Noel-Storr AH, Mc Cleery JM, Richard E, Ritchie CW, Flicker L, Cullum SJ, Davis D, Quinn TJ, Hyde C, Rutjes AW, Smailagic N, Marcus S, Black S, Blennow K, Brayne C, Fiorivanti M, Johnson JK, Köpke S, Schneider LS, Simmons A, Mattsson N, Zetterberg H, Bossuyt PM, Wilcock G, Mc Shane R. PMID: 24944261 STRADAS-para TB: Gardner IA, Nielsen SS, Whittington RJ, Collins MT, Bakker D, Harris B, Sreevatsan S, Lombard JE, Sweeney R, Smith DR, Gavalchin J, Eda S. PMID: 21601933 STARD-BLCM: Kostoulas P, Nielsen SS, Branscum AJ, Johnson WO, Dendukuri N, Dhand NK, Toft N, Gardner IA. The STARD reporting guideline was originally published in 2003.

STARD 2015 guidelines for reporting diagnostic accuracy studies: explanation and elaboration.

A network diagram (also known as a network map) shows the way various components of a computer network interact with each other.

It can be used to keep track of, troubleshoot or plan home or professional networks.

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The critical path method, a project management technique created in the 1950s, allows you to identify these important tasks and stay on track throughout your project.

(Microsoft Project) (WBS Schedule Pro) WBS Schedule Pro contains a seamless integration to all versions of Microsoft Project.

The bi-directional communication between WBS Schedule Pro and Microsoft Project means that you can go back and forth between the two tools with the click of a button with all data dynamically updated.

This means that you can add, delete, reorganize and update tasks in your Microsoft Project plan using WBS Schedule Pro.

Add buttons and/or Tabs to Microsoft Project for one-click access to WBS Schedule Pro.

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