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Girls born to Quiverfull families begin their training for the life’s calling as a Helpmeet [aka wife and homemaker] almost at birth.

Girls are born for one and only one reason: to serve a husband.

The Bible repeatedly speaks of the importance of the blessing from our fathers.

The patriarchs of the Old Testament continually warned against marrying strange wives which would lead to idolatry.

While we had initially intended to consummate our marriage after today’s symbolic ceremony, we instead did so secretly after private scripture reading, prayer, and mutual foot-washing.

As Quiverfull Believers dig ever-deeper into their Bibles in search of the truly “biblical model” for godly marriage, ideas about courtship and “betrothal” are becoming increasingly savage and brutish.

We believe this to be the best option for the healing of all involved and the only course of action under the circumstances.''There are no words to describe the magnitude of shame I feel, or grief from the injury I caused my beloved bride and children, both of whom have responded to my repentance with what seems a supernatural love and forgiveness,' he wrote.

The affair indeed is at odds with what he has long been preaching; Vision Forum Ministries call the family 'the basic agency of dominion on earth' and claims it 'is under attack from every side today' - including homosexuality and feminism.

Both parents must attend each session and both must complete weekly homework.The training starts almost at birth with “child training.” Moms have a number of helpful “ministries” to turn to for child training guidance.For infants and toddlers two of the best known are Ezzo and the Pearls—both of whom are very controversial to the secular world. teaches new parents to adhere to rigid schedules and rules for bedtime, breast feeding on a parent-friendly schedule and bedtime rigidly enforced with few, if any, interactions with parents after “lights out” no matter the tone of the child’s cry.Cheat: Doug Phillips, leader of Vision Forum Ministries, has quit after an affair.He is pictured (right) with his family: from right, wife Beall, Joshua, Justice, Liberty, Jubilee, Faith, Honor, Providence and Virginia Hope It added: 'While we believe as strongly as ever in the message of the ministry to the Christian family, we are grieved to find it necessary to make this decision.

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