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In all such cases, this Statement shall terminate, but the following provisions will still apply: 2.2, 2.4, 3-5, 9.3, and 14-18.

Yet, against the determined claims of uniformitarian geologists, there is now overwhelming evidence as presented even in a NOVA TV show that the primary features of the Scablands formed rapidly from a catastrophic breach of Lake Missoula causing a massive regional flood.

Over 160,000 IT departments worldwide have already chosen Netwrix Auditor over change Now that staff are aware that everything they do is being audited, there’s fewer security risks.

Advertisers give preference to native ads as the most effective part of their digital mediaplan.

The global market share of native ads is growing by 140% every year, making it the biggest modern advertising trend.

According to recent studies native ads attract up to 60% more attention than classic banners.

Visitors choose native ads, as they are willing to look and interact with native, website-related information such as content recommendations or relevant products.

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