Sedating children dental work

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It allows for a very relaxed state during dental treatment.Sometimes we will use nitrous oxide along with the Halcion.If you avoid the dentist because of anxiety or fear, that's natural but not healthy.Now, with advances in sedation dentistry, you no longer have to fear dental pain or discomfort.We have several options to help patients cope with dental fears. Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas, is administered with a little hood over your nose before and during the dental procedure.The effect is very mild and can make you feel very "floaty." The concentration of the nitrous oxide is very closely monitored and is calibrated differently for each patient. We also offer an enteral conscious sedation, meaning you ingest the sedative agent.

The patients were also given local anesthesia (lidocaine) and nitrous oxide with oxygen.

My 3 yr old went to his first dentist appt today and found out he has a cavity on his upper front teeth.

We went to a pediatric dentist and she recommended general anesthesia in order to have the dental work completed.

Local anesthesia is the temporary loss of sensation or pain in one part of the body produced by a topically applied or injected agent without depressing the level of consciousness.2 Most of the dental anesthesia used on a daily basis is considered to be in the local anesthesia category.

Dear Doctor, My 10-year-old has multiple cavities that need treating, and he’s really anxious despite the best efforts of our dentist.

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