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She had given up sex when it was for money and the notches on her bed post already included a famous rugby player, an Irish politician and about 495 obscure punters.The following Thursday, Helen and Jennifer were having lunch at San Carlo's, a favourite Manchester restaurant of the footballing community, when Rooney texted Jennifer to suggest the two meet him at The Lowry. Just a bag with underwear, stockings, condoms, straighteners and whatever else; a shag bag. Out of all the footballers that I've met I'll never know why he cheats. He reminds me of the boy at school who tried to be the lad's lad, but he's not.' Helen and Jennifer agreed to tell no one about their encounter.Our popular summer burlesque sail series is back with a new bevy of showgirl sirens and boylesque babes, ready to take you for a pleasure cruise around the Hudson and New York Harbor aboard a gorgeous Civil War-era schooner to enjoy spectacular views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey and The Statue of Liberty.Tickets sell out each year, so nab your tickets soon for your favorite themes below: Curated with Dances of Vice devotees in mind, Dark Venus pays homage to the sexual deviants of yesteryear with an evening of sado-sensual parlour games celebrating the fetish culture and aesthetics of the early 20th century. 'We went to the toilet with Wayne to have a fag because, of course, he can't go outside for a cigarette like everyone else.That's the night they all stay at The Lowry Hotel and that's the night you see the escorts going in.' Helen told Rooney in the nightclub loo that she and Jennifer were working girls. 'But we didn't go back with him that night.' She had a previous engagement with her regular Thursday night punter, another United player who liked to have foursomes with her, another girl and his assistant.

En Sugar Daddy er en moden mand med erfaring, styr på sit liv, sin økonomi og med en lyst til at dele det, han har, med en smuk og ofte yngre kvinde.So off we went.' This was no drunken stag night encounter. It was all over in minutes but then Rooney had an apparent attack of guilt. 'A couple of months later the press got in touch and I said, "I've never met Wayne Rooney before in my life." They came back again a few months later, before the World Cup, and I denied it again.Then they came back after the World Cup and I called Jenny to say, "Keep your mouth shut". I said, "I've got a kid".' Jennifer Thompson sold her side of the story in September 2010.Before the story broke Helen had gone to Rooney's agent and begged for help, for her name to be kept out of the papers. They said, "If you sign this we'll make sure it is." So I took it to my solicitor and he said that if I signed it I could never sell jackshit on Wayne but my name could still come out.Jennifer got 80 grand, and an extra 15 grand for my name alone.

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