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The evidence was straightforward and clear, even though it was circumstantial. v=Yf Dv ACQL93I In other recent news, Judge Sherry Stevens appears to have a growth that resembles a set of kahunas.

The testimony spoke for itself and I am so glad that the prosecution took time to explain to the jury, that circumstantial evidence is just as good as forensic, especially when used in conjunction with their most valuable tool, common sense. This might seem like a good place to mention the Caylee Anthony trial but I’ll refrain for a minute. Read about the level of corruption in Florida here… An eye-opening, mind blowing list of links on Florida ethics and corruption… Time does absolutely nothing to heal the rage experienced by millions when the state of Florida failed Caylee Anthony and it’s tax paying citizens, on every level in July of 2011. It will forever mark the day when we realized just how dirty our system really is. In her last ruling she snatched the key to the city away from America’s favorite oversexed psycho, Jodi Arias, and told her she could not change attorneys at this point in the game.

Market Watch described the results under the headline, “Childless, single Americans pay more in […] A Psychology Today blogger considers the Christian Science Monitor cover story declaring that the U. is a “singles nation” and asks whether that really is so.

What are the criteria for whether a country really is a “singles nation”? The belief that marriage makes people happier and healthier and better off in all sorts of other ways, too, is entrenched in our thinking.

If you have a positive attitude and a love for learning, you may be interested in joining our team.

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“GYPSY” After watching some witness testimony yesterday, along with closing arguments for the prosecution, I was convinced that he was guilty.I caught a 8-4 on Sunday morning, mixed in with a dozen or so fish in a few hours.. So I put some Smelly Jelly on em and they liked em better yet.. And I took the idea to another creek and it was the same there.. I was at the dam yesterday morning, and for a Tuesday I would say it was pretty busy.. But if you will remember a few years back when we got to this level, there were lot of fish out in front of Coyote in those hardwoods. Amistad is now 33 feet low, and we are right in that same vicinity. TPWD put the last of our fingerlings in yesterday, with a final load of about 180,000. Last week of course we scattered the fish from La Perla and after talking to all involved I'll have to say that it went about as well as it could. As Colonel Potter would say, "There ain't enough o's in smooth," to describe the way the operation went. Remember the fish kill that occurred in the Veleno last year? The lake is still dropping, though it has slowed a bit.. I'd say that overall it could not have gone too much better.. So you can see that I am a real tournament threat.. Somewhere around 180,000 were spread out this afternoon on the top half of the lake. I would make it very plain to him that his life would be over very shortly after he started any shit.. You do realize that we have 179 bases/posts/stations in Germany.. The river channel is dirty all the way down to marker ten, and funky looking down to marker nine.. Speed is keeping the camp open into June this year if you want to go.. And we came up with a few options that could help out around here.. I am also involved in another project that could improve the fishing at Falcon. So if you are one that likes to fish the dam during high water traffic times, this is one of em.. Probably the longest stretch I have gone without fishing in thirty years.. This year the guide lineup here on Falcon includes Jim Edwards, Jay Grieshaw, John Adami, and James Bendele, aka Yours Truly.. If I was fishing right now I would put my boat in eight to ten feet of water and hit every rock and tree I saw.. Cause I know a whole lot of men who went crazy; lost their minds, fortunes, families, businesses and friends.. I think all men should start taking it immediately.. And that basically attests to what I have been saying. We had to deal with some wind this last weekend, but the wind does not bother the fish. But wind and rocks make for some good times, as long as you can duct tape yourself to your pedestal.. This place is so efficient that it almost runs itself... Between ordering stuff, stocking stuff, and selling stuff, there just ain't enough time to fish. I would like to apologize to the Democrats whose feelings I hurt the other day, when I was on a rant about Hillary and I said that they were dumb asses.. And the blowjob itself ain't what is pissing me off.. We will be holding our Thursday Workin' Mans tourney again this Thursday. Call for more info but know that you have to register here at FLT before you fish.. And our current president seems all the merrier watching the the races and religions more and more divided against one another.. I have not spoken to a lot of folks that fished yesterday, but on Saturday most everybody caught a shit load of fish.. And while my face on this page is not too common, and for good reason, at least not holding a big fish, here's a selfie of the fat bitch.. On Saturday Rhonda Kossub caught this 9.93, a new personal best for her and a fine looking fish it was.. The Atascosa Bass Club was in town for a two day tourney, and on Saturday they had two fish over eight pounds weighed in. (Garlic) If you have never used Smelly Jelly then you don't know what you are missing. Some folks catching crappie the the Mexican outlet.. I have heard a good many reports the last few days from other fishermen that have caught a ton of bass as well.. We did get 2.15 inches of rain on Sunday night, and some areas on the river above us got a lot more.. These went into the Tigers and I believe this puts us at about 425,000 for the year.. Well we have made some progress on what's going to be done as a peace offering on that. There is about three foot of water over the bridge rails here in the Veleno.. Except for me hitting a stump coming out of Hedieona and bending my prop shaft.. Yesterday I went to Sugar for the first time in a year.. We should be getting close to 500,000 before the next month or so is over. So that means I have fished nine days without fishing Falcon. Bass Champs is at Amistad this weekend, so I will imagine it will be a slow weekend around here. April 15, 2017: It's Easter weekend here in Zapata, and the natives are restless.. Last night we had a rogue thunderstorm pop up about three thirty, and it rained and hailed for about thirty minutes. But for now it is still hush-hush as details are being worked out.. We are scheduled for stocking of Florida fingerlings in late May or early June I hear, and we should be getting about 400,000 to 500,000, if things go well at the hatcheries and all go as planned. We are not going to have a good year class this go round.. I got back in from Picachos yesterday, and have not spoken to a lot of folks about what they have been doing here on Falcon. These guys were buying trick worms and Spot Remover type shakey heads.. I guess the big news is water levels and water movement. There was a big rain around Del Rio while I was gone.. They are also releasing about 7000 CFS out of Amistad. On Amistad, Ray Hanselman has donated a trip as well. My left hand is getting better, so maybe it won't be so long before I am back to filling your computer with more bullshit. But hell I'd probably say the same thing in August.. And pay particular attention to basket style hardwoods and thickets.. The only drawback is that it makes it hard for some folks to pee over the side of the boat.. There was an armada of boats down in front of the dam this weekend, and a lot of fish are being caught off the rip rap itself, and off the ledges and humps that are so famous out in front of the dam. And then there is time spent sitting in front of this computer, wasting time so I can waste some of yours.. My choice of words was poor, and I would like to withdraw the dumbass part and just say that they are ignorant. With so many people being so loose on what their definition of truth is, I can see how some folks may be confused, or otherwise disinformed of actual situations about real life happenings. But to quote Jules in Pulp Fiction, "That shit ain't the truth.."Of course when you have a president of the United States of America, say that a blowjob is not sex, I can see how some folks, maybe those that are ignorant, or disinformed, could get confused. It's the continual lying about everything, that goes on in politics.. She has a couple of good teachers, including her last boss.. Windblown rocky points, and there's not a lot of other kinds about now, held a lot of fish, and in those waters there were a lot of schooling fish. If you asked her if she uses cream in her coffee she'd probably lie about if just out of habit.. Morrison’s hospital kitchens, restaurants and cafés feature socially responsible practices and exceptional guest experiences.The company’s Mindful Choices wellness and sustainability platform includes the latest in healthful eating and an understanding of behavioral change in food consumption.

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