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In 1862, Congress created an Office of Internal Revenue, also within the Treasury Department.

The new commissioner was charged with collection of taxes on alcohol and tobacco.

Both major party candidates focused primarily on domestic issues, such as the budget, tax relief, and reforms for federal social insurance programs, although foreign policy was not ignored.

Clinton and Gore often did not campaign together, a deliberate decision resulting from the Lewinsky sex scandal two years prior.

This was the closest presidential election in the nation's history, with a .009% margin, 537 votes, separating the two candidates in the decisive state, Florida.

At that time, administration of duties was within the Treasury Department.As the chair of the Committee on Scientific and Professional Ethics and Conduct in the early 1950s observed, In the early years of the American Psychological Association, the problems of ethics were relatively simple.We were essentially an organization of college teachers."The present unwritten code..tenuous, elusive, and unsatisfactory" ("A Little Recent History," 1952, p. The method used to create the formal code was innovative and unique, an extraordinary break from the traditional methods used previously by more than 500 professional and business associations (Hobbs, 1948 ).Setting aside what Hobbs termed the "armchair approach" (p.

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