Simplepie cache not updating cell phone dating warnings

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You won’t see anything with just the above though; we still need to go out and grab the information.Simple Pie provides many classes and methods to extract the information from any given section of an RSS feed.The PHP library Simple Pie allows for quick and easy feed consumption and display.Here’s how you can get started on your own feed reader. You’ll need to add the following to your To work with Simple Pie, you’ll need first to pick a RSS or Atom feed you’d like to manipulate and grab its URL.I am using PHP 5.2.9Update: I have set up a fresh build using PHP 5.3.0 and the full 1.5.15 release and get the same error PROBLEM SOLVED: By deleting the module, setting it up afresh from the mod_feed modfule. We what made it difficult to diagnose the cause was moving to a new server and upgrading to 1.5.15 in the same week.We have recompiled apache, numerous times, different php versions, firewall on and off you name it we have tried it!Still unable to load rss feeds that are xml based, asp and others are very slow to load but do load.

Is this a 1.5.15 problem or a problem in my own site?If this makes you uncomfortable, please check the Mediawiki plugins page on the Simple Pie wiki to see what other Simple Pie plugins are available for Mediawiki.If caching is enabled in Media Wiki - then the feeds might not update until the page is edited.To disable the caching, add the following lines to your Local file: can be downloaded here.In video #55 the end result was the Feed Smusher, which inserted content from external RSS feeds onto a page of our own.

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