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A linear district approximately two miles in length, it runs almost due north and south along Pomfret Street (State Route 169 and U. Route 44), the main road through town also known as the Norwich Worcester Turnpike.

Although at its southern end Pomfret Street rises steeply, the Pomfret Street Historic District is on relatively level terrain along the west side of Prospect Hill (also known as Pomfret Hill), which rises to its summit on the east.

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Description The Pomfret Street Historic District encompasses the historic center of the Town of Pomfret, which is located in Connecticut's northeast corner.

Joining Pomfret Street on the east side are Church Road, Grosvenor Road, and Bradley Road.

Entering from the west side are Mallory Road, Paradise Road, and a short portion of Kings Highway.

As We Grow Spanish 348 Freedley Road Pomfret Center, CT 06259 860.963.9028 As We Grow Spanish is an interactive Spanish program that exposes children and parents to the Spanish language and other cultures around them.

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At the major intersection at the north end of the district, Deerfield Road (Route 97) enters from the west and Route 44 veers off from Route 169 to follow Putnam Road to the east.ARC is based on the idea that many of the problematic behaviors observed among traumatized youth are adaptions initially learned to manage the early traumatic environment.These early adaptations then impact the individual’s ability to successfully negotiate relationships, regulate affect and physiology, and develop an integrated and positive sense of self.Positive development in each of these areas is fostered individually as well as cohesively in our group homes by the building of healthy relationships with staff and peers, the teaching of self-regulation skills, and engaging all clients in individual activities that they enjoy and take pride in.Because our youth often come to us with histories of disruptive attachments and multiple placements, they have missed the opportunity to build self-efficacy.

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