Speed dating as team building

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One person started holding a ball of yarn, it was tossed to another person, with each teammate holding a strand of yarn before throwing the ball on.Ultimately, every teammate was holding a piece of the giant web.For team captains or coaches looking for bonding activities, and for readers looking for a reminder of the good in college sports, here is a list of 13 team activities worth trying with your squad. At Washington and Lee University, the team carves pumpkins with their recruits right before Halloween.The best group claims bragging rights for the year!Swimmers love food, and the Blue Devils come prepared– “Everyone ends up in the same place and there are 70 Cookout milkshakes waiting for us! At Springfield College, the women’s team gave recruits a chance to get to know the current student-athletes by enjoying pizza on the green outside.For senior described an activity in which this was the case.When you’re meeting an industry leader, or someone you’d like to bring on as a client, the goal with a great icebreaker question is to start a conversation that lets you make an authentic connection without seeming too intrusive or personal.

Great icebreaker questions are perfect for spurring meaningful discussion and getting things off to a friendly and productive start. They are a casual segue into the main part of the interview while revealing important information about the candidate’s aptitude for the job.

Teambuilding exercises often get a bad rap as a waste of employees' time, but some entrepreneurs are finding value in activities that are tailored to resolve specific challenges in their business.

Designed correctly, teambuilding programs can strengthen unraveling employee relationships, help sustain corporate culture during periods of fast growth, and build morale amid layoffs, human-resource experts say.

While it may not be conventional, an interview can be a great place to ask more fun ice breaker questions as well.

Funny or humorous icebreaker questions can give the interviewer insight into whether or not the interviewee will be a good fit with your workplace culture.

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