Speed dating esl icebreaker

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Either print a Blank Bingo Sheet and make up your own fun, humorous or unique questions to put in the squares...

I have created Ice Breaker Bingo sheets that already have the questions filled in the boxes.

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On top of that, icebreakers allow the teacher to initially assess their students’ strengths and weaknesses and do a little bit of language analysis, something which is very important to tailor the course to students’ needs.

I learned this game during my TEFL course and instantly regretted not knowing it earlier. In my case here is what each cloud stands for: BLUE = my favourite colour WRITER = I wanted to be a writer in the future when I was a kid BLOG = I have a blog (in the past it used to stand for “I’d like to start a blog”) BIKE = I love riding a bike PEAS = I hate peas BRAZIL = I’d love to travel there one day Let students ask 3 questions about each cloud, if they can’t guess, move on to the next one.

It is great in its simplicity, requires no preparation as such, allows students to learn something about each other and the teacher, and offers a lot or speaking practice. Once they have finished, ask them to tell you something they remember about you at this point.

The only limit to potential five questions is the facilitator's imagination.

In each of these examples, the ice breaker can serve as the starting point in your discussion.

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