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The banquet has been part of the annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) in some form or another for more than two decades, said the group’s matrimonial assistant, Tabasum Ahmad.But in recent years, the demand for such banquets has increased, and the society plans to hold them more frequently. Here's my schedule, okay, this is round three so I need to go to table 6. There is no reason that the complexities of non-monogamy should prevent us from engaging in the celebrated act of SPEED DATING.

Though a shared political platform may not be attainable, this course strives to achieve a shared respect for our differen...

Additional sessions are each or for the entire series.

Explore one of the most divisive issues affecting the Jewish people today.

Saturday night’s banquet was sold out, as was a second one scheduled for Sunday. ’ If so, it’s not the right person.” Kadir was not so sure about that strategy.

The guy in the suit was an electrical engineer from Atlanta named Mo Raza, 30. Kadir, who owns an insurance business in Tampa, went to one a couple of years ago and Raza was asking him how it worked. “You might not want to ask everyone that,” he said.

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