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This is an exercise I use after all the prep work has been done and the students now have to go around the class, like on a speed dating circuit, being asked random questions to really challenge the level of understanding.

This is a lesson I train pupils in from as early as possible (possibly not absolute beginners) and within a few run-throughs it can run itself.

It works towards the end of the unit when you want a speaking level without doing formal teacher assessments.

It requires a set of questions prepared by students in a previous homework.

There are so many fun activities that can be done on Valentine's Day that can enhance your lessons, not detract from them. You could devote an entire class period (or several) to Valentine's Day themed lessons.

However, if you truly don't feel you have the time to devote an entire period to the holiday of love, consider choosing several activities as Brain Breaks, Class Starters, Wrap Up activities or Fast Finisher activities!

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(You can tell the photos were from a while back from all of the long sleeves!Students scribbled Spanish vocabulary all over a giant piece of paper.After selecting a colored pencil, I'd call out "unicornio," and student had to put the colored pencil on their head, like a unicorn.In fifth grade, one row of students sat facing the computer screen, while another row of students sat facing their partner.Students facing the screen had to describe the image in view.

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