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Established in 1997, The Raeburn Supper Club is a modern events organisation or singles club specialising in dinners and events and socialising generally in Glasgow and Edinburgh for single men and single women of all ages.

Although we are not a dating agency nor offer speed dating, The Raeburn Supper Club offers its members the opportunity to try lots of fun activities and make new unattached friends.

About: Hakkasan Mayfair opened in 2011, and within a year was awarded a Michelin star, which it has maintained ever since.

It updates it menus regularly, and is now offering a new tea and dim sum menu, available daily from 12 noon to 6.15 pm.

Founders/CEOs only: it is the entrepreneur who is the member, not their business Minimum £1m turnover: qualifying criteria starts at annual turnover of £1 million No professional services: we exclude consultants, professional services, life coaches, one-man bands, mentors and anyone joining to ‘sell’ to our members Cross sector: we maintain a balance across sectors and B2B/B2C Give and get: a community where you both help and learn from peers Chatham House Rule: Chatham House Rule applies to all dinner events No overt selling: although overt selling is frowned upon, it is not uncommon for our members to uncover business opportunities from their fellow members To ensure a well-rounded club we need to retain a good balance across all sectors, and occasionally we restrict membership from certain sectors where there is a disproportionate number of members from that sector currently in the Club.

We will be happy to discuss other options if this is currently the case for your sector.

Cost: Hakkasan Mayfair Tea and Dim Sum Lunch Menu is priced at £38 per person for 7 classic dim sum dishes plus a platter containing 3 types of dessert, or £42 for all the above plus a choice of two teas and one fruit blend per person.

We have over 350 members and obtain the majority of our members by word of mouth recommendation. It is easy to join the Raeburn Supper Club and we look forward to welcoming you as a member.The Supper Club is a membership club exclusively for fast-growth founders and CEOs.Our members join to learn from their peers in the pursuit of business growth.With its luxurious products and upmarket feel, you might expect Waitrose's new supper club restaurant to be similarly high end.But shoppers who attended the launch of the supermarket's first foray into evening dining said they were left disappointed by long waits, small portions and mediocre food that one attendee dubbed 'straight out of the 1970s'.

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