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Something along the lines of, “we want to support your decision to date someone who makes you feel good, but we’re concerned that the difference in your ages might [insert your concern here]. From schoolwork to growing older, to puberty and parents, teenagers have a lot of stress in their lives.Also, if you are the co-signer on a loan and then apply for a loan for yourself (and your spouse) your overall credit worthiness will be reduced by the amount of the co-signed loan, after all you are responsible or that loan should the other party default. Does your decision to co-sign affect the finacials of your marriage? Could you become responsible for the loan and therefore it could impact your ability to pay your own bills? If the person who you are co-signing for was not a bad risk, then they wouldn't need a co-signer.For example, let say that you want to buy a house and looking to get a loan for 0,000. Should any decision that you make that could have a negative impact, with no positive outcome possible, be made with out agreement between you and your spouse? Should the borrower default on the loan and your financial status was negatively affected, would your marriage surrive that kind of stress?Teen relationships are a normal part of teenage life.

If the loan is paid off, the co-signer is off the hook.

Teen Dating Safety – get statistics on dating assaults, date rape, violent relationships, and facts about teen dating to keep your teenager safe.

Teen Dating is fun, but don’t be fooled – it can also be dangerous.

Yes, this very mixer has been subject to the channel racking craze, but for my 8-track setup it should do the trick for now (and the price was right).

This guy has a nice breakdown (literally) of the mixer, it's features, and potential modifications.

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