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It is during puberty that boys and girls start to see each other as potential dating partners (circa awkward sixth grade school dances) because they don’t really know one another as friends.

However, when placed in these social contexts, the sexes learn to understand and communicate with each other.

Like hunger, thirst or other basic instincts, sexual desire must be controlled and channeled, satisfied at the proper time, place and manner.

But when sexual desire is satisfied between a husband and wife at the proper time, out of mutual love and desire, sex is a mitzvah.

Hollywood has shamelessly exploited the idea of guy-girl friendships evolving into romantic interests, priming us to believe this is how all opposite-sex dynamics work.

But, can guy-girl friendships work platonically, or is the old adage “friends make the best lovers” true?

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The requirement of marriage before sex ensures that sense of commitment and responsibility.

Many women feel pressurised to have oral sex without a condom with their customers because other women are offering this service.

It is possible to transmit (catch or pass on) many sexually transmitted infections through oral sex without a condom.

Ninja Brian's character has also been shown to have the ability to destroy things with his mind, seen in "Let's Get This Terrible Party Started" (which Jon, Barry, and Ross appear in, Suzy made the props for, and was directed by Arin).

In the video "Best Friends Forever" it is shown that Brian has a bad habit of killing every friend Danny makes and even anyone who tries to be his friends as well when Danny tried to have him make friends with another ninja named Ninja Jim. He killed the Slenderman in "Let's Get This Terrible Party Started"; recovered the 'Sacred Chalice' with Danny in "The Sacred Chalice (Parts 1-4)"; killed most of the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom in "Best Friends Forever" and blew up the sun with a laser fired from his eyes in "NSP Theme Song".

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