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However, Abigail emails Tara's list to the whole school.Christian is accepted into the Academy on scholarship by the director's agreement, saving Christian from juvenile detention while awaiting trial. For a class assignment, Sammy and Abigail have to tie themselves together for 24 hours which they later discover only had to be "2–4 hours".For Tara, making friends and earning the respect of her teachers is a challenge. Tara has a crush on Ethan which threatens Tara's friendship with Kat.

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Series one premiered in Australia on , the second series began on 12 March 2012, Dance Academy features Tara Webster (Xenia Goodwin), a new student at Australia's National Academy of Dance.He’s like a puppy boundless energy a short attention span and the potential to lick you if he likes you enough.Ben could be considered a normal Aussie male cheeky,scruffy and more than slightly hopeless.The show premiered on May 31, 2010 on ABC1 and ABC3. The series follows the lives of eight students in the Dance Academy; Tara Webster, Katrina Karamakov, Ethan Karamakov, Samuel Lieberman, Abigail Armstrong, Christian Reed, Benjamin Tickle, and Grace Whitney.Season 1 premiered May 31, 2010and season 2 premiered March 12, 2012.

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