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What on earth is the proper way to use a squat toilet?? When I went studying abroad, I had problems with the toilet you guys called as the normal one (the sitting one). Probably I should start a post about "How to sit on the normal toilet".

Here are just some extra tips so you don't wet your pants on a squatting toilet.

They start popping up in the Balkans and of course they're everywhere by the time you get to Turkey and become totally unavoidable no matter how patient you are or how long you can hold on when you're anywhere between about India and Japan. Exiting with wet trouser cuffs or socks wet from the toilet floor surely can't be socially acceptable!

Now I'm pretty sure the locals don't remove their trousers because there's almost never a hook and the floor is often flooded.

Addictions are powerful chemical dependencies that don’t always make sense to outsiders or even psychologists, for that matter.

What we do know is that if the brain likes what it tastes, feels or sees, anything and everything can become addictive.

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The Adult Swim Diaper has an outer layer of Oxford Nylon and an inner layer of 100% Cotton Flannelette.

Celebrities can expect to walk away from a glittering do such as the BAFTAs or the Oscars with a goody bag stuffed with thousands of pounds worth of luxury products and vouchers for spa trips and holidays.

Even the rich and famous get cellulite, but any A-listers battling the dreaded orange peel skin will now be able to combat it with a bottom massaging pad.

A-listers will now be equipped for medical emergencies thanks to the CPR Anytime kit from the American Heart Association.

The whole left hand thing, being left-handed I always find it awkward, because, well, um, I do stuff opposite.

But as soon as my hand goes anywhere near food, I get horrified looks. Why would anyone prefer a squatting toilet, the western one cleans the toilet for you, provides cleaning paper for you and then disposes of it quickly, helps you to squat (i.e.

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