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One or two residents on nearby roads complained that the unique vantage point offered atop the ride impinged on their privacy – 'they can see into my window' was typical of the comments..

Council planners noted the park had not sought planning permission to erect the wheel – the park owner Geoffrey Thompson said they did not need planning permission as it was a moveable structure on their own land."It's a fixed structure, you need permission! It's moveable," said Mr Thompson and, after another couple of years of wrangling, he proved it by moving it to North Carolina.

Her superiority complex is further explained by Fubuki from the fact that Tatsumaki never faces enemies that are more powerful than her during her hero career.

Despite her arrogant personality she feels obligated to defeat monsters and considers her job as a hero to be a duty, accepting any of the Hero Association's requests to defeat monsters and even going after them by herself due to the fact that she will get bored when not fighting monsters.

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“The site of Frontierland was once used as a cattle field to rest livestock on its way by boat from Ireland and on to various parts of England.

The land was later a Territorials' gun park and firing range, until a wayward gunner managed to put a hole in a passing passenger ferry.

But in the 1940s it entered a new phase when Leonard Thompson, of Blackpool, added the park to his enterprise……By 1970 the Morecambe Pleasure Park, as it had become known, boasted 25 major rides and 10 for smaller children.

In May 1979 plans were approved for a £750,000 monorail to take people from the back of the park across to the prom on 16ft stanchions. In 1980 the park embarked on a course that was to take it into conflict with the local city council.

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