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It has been under great pressure for months, with Republicans accusing him of being "weak and indecisive." This week, a report from three establishment-oriented think tanks—the Atlantic Council, the Brookings Institution and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs—said the United States should provide "lethal defensive arms" and other supplies to the Kiev government.Ashton Carter, nominated to be secretary of defense, said in his confirmation hearing Wednesday, "I'm very much inclined in that direction." But Obama abstained from shipping weapons to Ukraine because there was no reason to think they would do much good—and there still isn't.We know how important it is for single Asians to meet men and women who share common morals, traditions and cultural backgrounds.

We help match Asian single men and women based on key dimensions of compatibility, such as faith, intellect and sense of humour – the things that really matter in a relationship.In fact, she was the second single mom that week who had admitted to laying out serious cash for an online dating consultant. My insistence came from a deep need to pay it forward as only one single mom can do for another.Just a month before, I had been on the receiving end of this special kind of assistance myself.The first thing she would say was, “My main concern is getting you laid.”That, as it happens, was also the main concern of another well-meaning single mom at another PTA fundraiser (who knew the PTA was a gold mine of dating advice? She had been single 11 months, she told me, until she met someone on Tinder. Earlier that year, I had, in fact, tried Bumble, but after it netted a single three-hour, no-escape dinner date, I instantly deleted it from my phone. There were the cliché shirtless and headless bathroom shots, guys surfing on remarkably tiny waves, and, of course, lots of men posing while holding dead fish.Within seconds, though, I got plenty of matches myself.

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