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But our cottage has many of Carmel's earlier hallmarks, such as old wooden ceiling beams, board-and-batten walls, and a roofline that's set in waves, mimicking the ocean.

Maxi Lilley and Eric Faurot's house appears to be just another bungalow on a street full of bungalows in Oakland's Rockridge neighborhood.

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He was atop that craggy rock, the Pacific stretching out behind him—I think that's part of where the magic of Carmel started for me, a pull toward this old California town.

The A&C bungalow follows an informal aesthetic; it is a house without strong allusions to formal English or classical precedents.

EMPHASIS ON STRUCTURELook for artistic exaggeration in columns, posts, eaves brackets, lintels, and rafters.

But once you're inside, the genius of its recent redesign becomes clear.

Built in 1910, the house was small but in a great location: near a shopping street and public transit.

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