Updating date in excel voddler updating player

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It is easy for us to insert static date and time manually or insert a dynamic date changing with the system time with a formula. ("A: A") or ("B: B")Set Work Rng = Intersect(Appli), Target)x Offset Column = 1'For the second time stamp'Create new variable names, such as Work Rng1, Rng1, etc. I am trying to have a time stamp done each time that one of three cells is changed.

Offset(1, 1) = CDate(Now) ' same row and one column to right Target.

To prevent having the date change each time a worksheet using automatic recalculation is opened, try using this keyboard shortcut to enter the current date instead.

A function's syntax refers to the layout of the function and includes the function's name, brackets, comma separators, and arguments.

Then choose your used worksheet from the left Project Explorer, double click it to open the Module, and then copy and paste following VBA code into the blank Module: VBA code: Record date and time automatically when cell changes Private Sub Worksheet_Change(By Val Target As Range) 'Update 20140722 Dim Work Rng As Range Dim Rng As Range Dim x Offset Column As Integer Set Work Rng = Intersect(Application. Range("B: B"), Target) x Offset Column = 1 If Not Work Rng Is Nothing Then Application. However, if I insert say "yes" manually, the code works fine.

Enable Events = False For Each Rng In Work Rng If Not VBA. Any workaround for this issue that you are aware of? Is there a way to time stamp based on a specific change?

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