Updating dell service tag

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If you want to add your own, simply type ASSETxxx "your new tag." It will hold 9 alphanumeric characters with no spaces.The /s switch you were referring to is for your Service Tag and cannot be changed once it is set without a very good reason to change it and an Onsite Dell Technician with a special piece of software, which is not available to the public for obvious reasons.Note: Occasionally you will need to install a previous version before updating to the latest version.This info is usually found in the "Important Information" section.You can change your asset tag and owner tag all day long, however. I have installed a new LCD screen on my dell latitude cpi400xt system but now I have a weird problem.

All questions about specific products, and the propriety of use or functionality of such products with your Dell computer should be directed to a Dell sales or customer service representative Access, Collection and Use of Personal Information In the course of providing this service, Dell will access your unique service tag number, which is defined as personal information under the Dell Privacy Policy.

For more information please visit Spiceworks Support.

Got a Dell Power Edge that you replaced the motherboard on, and now it doesn’t have a service tag?

It also provides the capability to update the Asset Tag field.

This tool is executed from a command prompt in the EFI Shell environment.

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