Updating drupal 5

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But if you have a complex Drupal 6 site, and haven't started the upgrade process yet, then you've been thrown into a tough spot.

), Drupal 6 site owners have had more time to upgrade to Drupal 7 than any other major upgrade in Drupal's history.

by Angela Byron, Jeff Robbins, Addison Berry, Jeff Eaton, Nate Haug, James Walker The first step to using Drupal, of course, is to actually get the software and install it.

Drupal comes with an installation script that will walk you through a few screens to gather information and then set up your database and create your site settings file for you.

Speaking of updating Drupal core (or even contrib), I think it's important to know you should never perform the updates straight on the production environment.

You never know what can break as a result of the new functionality core or contrib brings to the table or removes from your site.

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