Updating interior doors dating gras valley

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For the hallway, we needed seven new interior doors.

Prehung doors are pricey at to .00 each and we don’t need new door frames so we thought of another solution.

Having white doors in an area with cherry kitchen cabinets, charcoal walls, and black appliances was just going to be too choppy (read more in my post: renters painting tips).

Although I really wanted to, I refrained from painting all of those doors black, since we were renting.

The cost for each slab door depending on size was to each.

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Attach 2 equal-sized rectangles of a heavy-duty paintable wallpaper.Fall is just around the corner, and for some, that can mean not only a change of season, but also wanting a change of scenery in the home.One way to create an updated look in a home is by painting your doors classic black. I love to wear black, my office used to be black, and when we lived in our Florida town home in 2010, I first started experimenting with painting doors black (read my post here).This way, if you get side tracked by another task, you won't have one white door next to a black door in the same room.It also helps to focus on painting the door fronts first, and come back at another time to do the inside, because you may want to keep the backside white (for example for a pantry, powder room, or a small closet).

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