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Apple first announced i OS 9, the mobile operating system that runs on the i Phone, i Pod Touch, and i Pad lineups.

The update refines Apple's vision of a mobile computing experience, adding features such as running two apps at the same time on the i Pad or markup features for signing documents in the Mail app. You can learn the ins and outs of the new OS by visiting our complete guide to i OS 9.

I am going to update my i Pod to the newest software and was wondering if this will delete the files?

Most of my songs are from my old computer which I now longer have, so I no longer have the songs in i Tunes.

Yes, Apple upgraded the line, beefing up the i Pod touch hardware and coating the i Pod nano and i Pod shuffle in new color options, but in 2015 odds are you can save money or at least spend it more wisely than on an i Pod.

There are a few key reasons why you shouldn’t buy one — and why Apple probably doesn’t care all that much if you don’t.

Did you want access to the recently launched Apple Music from your i Pod? Neither the i Pod nano nor i Pod shuffle supports streaming from Apple Music as part of your monthly subscription.

That means you’ll have to go old-school and purchase songs individually or as albums from the i Tunes Store to listen on these devices (or rip your CDs).

If you are unable to update, because of not enough available storage When updating wirelessly, your i OS device needs enough available space to download and install the update.

If I try to back up my files will it only do the ones from my current i Tunes and delete the rest? Upgrading i OS should leave the files that are on the device in the exact same condition as it was before.

That said, however, it is always important to do a backup of all the data on the device before upgrading.

With an update incoming, now's a good time to perform a little routine maintenance on your i OS device.

Start by taking an inventory of the apps you have installed on your device and uninstalling anything you haven't used in the last couple of months.

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