Updating itouch firmware

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All of these IPSW files are hosted with Apple and direct linked to their servers.

If you have an i Phone, you can download i Phone firmware instead.

Instal this firmware and your device can benefit from improved system stability, network-related functions and performance, enhanced touch experience, various fixes for problems encountered throughout the device’s usage time, as well as several other changes.

Bear in mind that, before you get this release, you must check to see if the available firmware is developed for your model and SKU (stock keeping unit) – if you apply an incompatible software, the device will encounter serious malfunctions and can even be rendered unusable.

This guide assumes that the computer you are going to use is connected to the Internet and is NOT behind a proxy server (for example, isn’t your work PC). There are known problems with i Tunes being able to communicate with Apple’s authentication servers from behind firewalls.

Hopefully the above steps will help you out of your situation. If not, please feel free to ask in our comments section below and we’ll attempt to offer advice; however whilst researching our colleagues problem, we did come across a large number of people who have experienced upgrade errors and have had to get their device swapped out by Apple, who have done so in many cases without even attempting to restore problematic devices themselves since they have allegedly seen so many of them!

Do not forget to check with our site as often as possible in order to stay updated on the latest drivers, software and games.

Putting your i Pod Touch into its Device Firmware Upgrade mode bypasses the currently installed operating system, allowing you to upgrade, restore or downgrade your device's firmware.

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It's an efficient way to save resources by using one device to test digital products in all versions of the available firmware.

 The chances are you’ve arrived here after a Google search having had similar problems – hopefully we can help you out too!

The work colleague in question had a stock O2 i Phone 4 that he’d backed up before telling i Tunes it was okay to go ahead and update to the latest (4.0.1) i OS software. After waiting over an hour for the i Phone to progress beyond a screen showing “Preparing i Phone” he gave up and hard rebooted his device. When he did so, the “connect to i Tunes” screen was displayed on his handset and no matter what he did, i Tunes would then attempt to fully restore the handset but would fail to do so displaying error 3014.

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This is a comprehensive download list of all the firmware files for i Pod touch 2G, i Pod touch 3g, and i Pod touch 4G, with IPSW from 3.1.2 to the current 4.1.0.

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