Updating mirrored walls

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Mirrored walls are also a great option for spaces with interesting details.

This powder room features a wall crafted from 126 six-inch tiles.

The mirror fits perfectly into the bathroom, dressing room and hall.

An adorable way to decorate your wall with various picture frames that can beautifully display your precious memories.

With their helicopter pick up from the surface of the glacier scheduled for Houlding’s birthday on 28 July, the team now has only about four days to climb the final 400m.

Any more bad weather could also obstruct their efforts.

Gone are the days when a mirrored wall was an instant sign of outdated design.

Read on for a look at how reflective surfaces can maximize light, create a sense of space, and add sleek style to your interior…Since today’s post is all about redefining the concept of a mirrored wall, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect photo to kick things off than the one below.Notice how they’re cleverly organized by color gradation.Instead of incorporating boldly painted walls that would detract from the design, mirrors were used to open up the space and reflect the unique tiled statement wall.Once they had scoped out a potential route on the unclimbed north west face, the team set up a hanging port-a-ledge camp (the Bedouin Camp) on the wall and started the serious climbing.As of 19 July, and despite setbacks and at least one fall, Houlding and team still believe that they can complete their intended route.

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