Validating composite controls

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It is also used on most address blocks in CRM by combining all the address fields into a single composite field.

How do I use the Validation Property Attribute so that the control is invalid unless both boxes have text? This originally made me think that I could use a bool, but my thinking was flawed because I was not considering what validation actually does, so it makes sense that it must be a string. NET's custom controls pick up where User Controls leave off, providing greater flexibility, reusability, and a better design time experience, but with some added complexity.This sample book chapter shows you some of the most common server-control techniques. NET is its support for custom server controls and components. NET ships with dozens of built-in controls, and developers can easily extend these controls or write their own controls from scratch. Net server controls for validation (Required, Regular Exp, and others too) with custom Java Script attibutes. Hi everyone, I´ve used this attribute on my class to required field property and it works fine; I already had problems with ALL asp .

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