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People of every social class and many different cultures have appreciated its elegance and beauty.Each year Van Briggle Collector Society members have the exclusive opportunity to own a limited edition work of art produced by Van Briggle Pottery.Dutch/American Artus Van Briggle was trained as a painter in Europe and worked as a pottery at the Rookwood Pottery firm in Cincinnati, OH.Artus moved to Colorado Springs since the climate was thought to be appropriate for his struggles with tuberculosis. It has value that transcends explanation, because it has the ability to elicit different emotions from all who see it.Still, one thing is constant - to display a piece of fine art pottery in your home or office says something about you.

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Yet, it was pottery that captured his attention and became his passion.During the early 20th century, when art pottery was thriving in the East Coast and Ohio Valley region of America, a couple of renowned pottery designers headed West in search of a climate better suited for specific health needs.In doing so, the couple began what would become America’s longest operational pottery studio: Van Briggle Pottery.At the age of 17 he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he decorated china dolls at the Arnold Fairyland Doll Store, while attending his early art studies at the Cincinnati Art School.After a stint at the Avon Pottery where he was introduced to the ceramic arts, Artus took a job at Rookwood Pottery; there he excelled at hand-painting designs.

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