Vba status bar not updating dating my guy named chae buchholz

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The progress bar works great and shows the progress of the macro if I step through the macro.

C) How do you manually break code running with Do Events in it?Therefore, I created a simple userform called PB which contains among other things 2 labels. As you see, I tried to use Repaint and Do Events, but it didn't help in my case. Thanks for this link, but I already used another sample on my own.The lenght of those labels is being changed a lot of times to show the progress of the code. I need to find a way to manipulate the userform from an external module (not the module of the userform). The sample worked, but when I tried to use parts of that code, it didn't work anymore.I found that the old message was the last status bar message printed before I disable screen updating. Statusbar to update the status bar with progress of the macro. I have never needed it for Excel 2007 or 2010 but something must have changed in 2013 so that I need to yield control.

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