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Imagine our relief when he announced last spring that he would swim in one more Olympics next summer in Rio de Janeiro, his fifth (and surely his last? That skinny boy had failed to find the same traction on land that came so naturally in the water.He had never come to terms with the father who was divorced from his caring and supportive mother when Phelps was nine. He had welcomed far too many sudden friends and had embraced the perks of affluence and celebrity more than was healthy. “I lived in a bubble for a long time.” Now that bubble was a prison of sorts. 29, 2014, Phelps drove from his home to the Horseshoe ­Casino near Baltimore’s harbor. he was stopped by an officer with the Maryland Transportation Authority while exiting the Fort Mc Henry Tunnel.is a double-disc set that features a full disc of morning-radio comedy routines from Mark & Brian and a disc of music culled from their show.As always, if you enjoy wacky morning radio, you're likely to laugh at the selection of broad comedy sketches and song parodies that fill the first disc; if you're not a fan of that style, nothing here will change your mind. Stubing's daughter on "Love Boat," has fallen on hard times ...

interview with Radar Online, a woman named Taylor Lianne Chandler has made a number of fascinating claims about herself and her alleged relationship with Michael Phelps. in a white Range Rover, driving 84 in a 45 zone, and allegedly failed a field sobriety test with a BAC of almost twice the legal limit.Whelan, who also hilariously played the little girl with the IV tube in "Airplane!" is in the middle of a divorce and filed legal docs showing she's basically broke -- k in assets.The second disc, however, may have enough highlights to appeal to doubters.Like any various-artists collection of this nature, there are several weak moments on the collection, but there are also such songs as Matthew Sweet's "Sick of Myself," Gary Hoey's "Wipe Out," Joan Osborne's "Right Hand Man," INXS's "Need You Tonight," Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein," Mel Tormé's "Blue Moon" and Carl Perkins & Billy Bob Thornton's "Matchbox" that make the collection worthwhile.

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