Who is bryan cranston dating

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Currently, he collects memorabilia and is an ardent fan of the Philadelphia Phillies and the LA Dodgers.He says he doesn’t really have hobbies besides baseball.A fun fact about Bryan Cranston was that in April of 2014 he helped a teen get a date for prom.He created a video in the character of Walter White and used one of his famous lines from the show.

He is well known for being Hal on the comedy series Malcolm in the Middle as well as Walter White in the AMC drama Breaking Bad.

Bryan Cranston is an actor who has played a variety of different roles during his time in front of the spotlight. While a lot of his work has been small parts, they have been in big name shows and movies such as Matlock, LA Law, Seinfeld, The X- Files and many others.

He has shown that he can do light and funny characters as well as dark and complex characters as well. He has had a few roles that have skyrocketed him to fame. Here he played the quirky dad of all boys who was scared of his wife.

Two years after Malcolm in the Middle ended he went on to play his best known role as Walter White in Breaking Bad.

This was one of the most popular shows of this century.

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