Who is carrie underwood currently dating

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Carrie's professional hockey player hubby, Mike Fisher, was traded on Thursday from the Ottawa Senators to the Nashville Predators - nice and close to where Carrie currently lives in Tennessee!

PLAY IT NOW: 2011 Golden Globes: Carrie Underwood On Her Pre-Marriage Dating Deal-Breaker" data-reactid="24"PLAY IT NOW: 2011 Golden Globes: Carrie Underwood On Her Pre-Marriage Dating Deal-Breaker Mike has been a star player for the NHL's Senators since they drafted him in 1998.

Little Isaiah, who was wearing a matching jersey to his famous dad's, took the rest of Dad's rinkside celebrations in his stride.

The crowd went wild as Fisher, 35, was presented with a silver hockey stick, a framed photo collage depicting his 16-year career and a Tiffany crystal from the NHL."I'm so proud of you for so many reasons," Underwood told her husband via a pre-recorded video montage.

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Since then, she has won multiple Grammy Awards and become a best-selling artist.

"As you step off that stage, you're pretty much alone," revealed the 26-year-old singer, who is currently dating hockey player Mike Fisher.

The Nashville Predators center was honored for his 1,000th NHL hockey game before the first period of their match against the Los Angeles Kings, and the handsome athlete took a moment out of his celebrations to kiss wife Underwood smack on the lips.

Nashville Predators forward Mike Fisher is the man who is lucky enough to call Underwood his bride, and so he's left to take care of those other things.

All of those came together this weekend during an adventure at the Fisher-Underwood (or is it Underwood-Fisher? A pesky chipmunk invaded the home of the Nashville power couple, and tried to wreak havoc. With Underwood documenting the hunt on Vine, Fisher showed off the hand-eye coordination that's helped him score more than 200 goals in his NHL career. The chipmunk was able to bite Fisher after being captured, a small price to pay in order to keep the wifey safe. They have more bite force than I thought and sick vertical too!

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