Who is jenna marbles dating

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He began dating fellow You Tube superstar Jenna Marbles and he and Jenna started a podcast in July of 2014.My name is Jenna Mourey, most of you probably know me as Jenna Marbles, maker of the You Tube videos on the internet machine.COOL." Brad The Lad Long is another fellow You Tube entertainer, and Mourey harshly commented on one of his videos with: "You can't fu*king sing dude, and you're creepy as f*ck." The comment appeared on jennamarbles main page, leading her loyal subscribers to follow their idol's lead and also negatively comment Brad The Lad Longs video.This resulted in him being bullied with hate mail and even a few death threats.Alongside her main channel, which often features parodies and satirical content, Marbles also occasionally uploads videos to her second channel, otherwise known as her vlogging channel.

Jenna Marbles (Jenna Mourey), the beloved You Tube star with over 8 million subscribers, has finally given her followers some insight into the real reason why she and her boyfriend of 4 years, Max "No Sleeves," really broke up back in December. #weeeee" Dedicated "Marbleheads" had come to know and love Jenna's ex, Max Weisz, through his frequent cameos in her countless comedic videos that she began making back in 2010 (with her first viral You Tube video,"How to Trick People into Thinking You're Really Good Looking," gaining over 50 million hits). When the break up news originally broke back in December of 2012, Jenna stressed to her fans that she and Max were still really good friends and that there were no bitter feelings. I can't always be as open as I want because I would never want to hurt another person.

He has an older sister named Roxanne and a younger brother named Marlon.

His parents split up when he was in the first grade.

Then I decided it was time to be a grown up and worked a bunch of random jobs for a while, none of which required being an actual grown up.

I started to make some You Tube videos and I guess people liked them so I just kept doing it. Marbles and Kermit, a chihuahua and an italian greyhound.

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