Who is zonnique pullins dating

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Zeboe was referring to my post from yesterday wherein I wrote that he hadn’t spoken to his daughter since his release from prison.

In fact, Zeboe has been out of prison since Niq was a little girl — and they spoken many times since then. Zeboe for getting my facts wrong, but the call ended abruptly with Zeboe saying, “talk to my daughter” about the status of their relationship.

She has two matching tattoos with ex-husband Deryck Whibley, lead singer of Canadian pop-punk band Sum 41; four with her ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner; and one with her current husband Chad Kroeger, lead singer of Canadian rock band Nickleback.

Avril Lavigne covered-up the skull and crossbones tattoo on her left arm with a cupcake, though the skull is still visible through it.

On , the couple found themselves having a difficult time trying to get some QT in.

However, in looking through her ’gram, it looks the two regularly link up amid busy football and touring schedules.

Avril Lavigne has many tattoos, though most of them are small. She told Inked Magazine: "Everything is always spur-of-the-moment.

The time spent in making this album was well worth the wait, I can’t wait to purchase it ! Party attendees included DC Young Fly, OOOG Brand Ambassador, Radio One and the list goes on.

Check out some of the photos of guests and sponsors from the party.

I did reach out to Niq by cell phone, but she was in a California studio last night recording an album with the OMG Girlz. But sometimes we bloggers forget that the subjects we write about are human, too.

Zonnique loves her father very much, and it’s clear that he loves her.

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